Speciality Adhesives

Plaster Mould Fruit

Plaster Mould Fruit - 2713-089

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Now $ 3.00
Plaster Mould Christmas - MO271-3175

Plaster Mould Christmas - 2713-175

Was $ 5.50
Now $ 3.00
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Chiffon Green

Acrylic Paint

Was $ 1.98
Now $ 1.00


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Speciality Adhesives

Craft Smart Fabric Stiffener

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Craft Smart Fabric Stiffener

  • Permanently stiffens all types of fabrics
  • When wet, it enable the user to mould the fabric to any shape desired.
  • Once dry shape is maintained permanently
  • Dries a matt finish
  • Can be painted after drying with an acrylic medium to achieve satin finish or high gloss finish


  • Sizes: 250ml; 500ml


$ 8.12

Craft Smart Glaze Paste

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Craft Smart Glaze Paste

  • Great for traditional decoupage projects as well as the best sealer prior to the application of Craft Smart Liquid Gloss.
  • Dries clear with a satin finish.
  • Can be varnished when dry to affect the degree of shine required


  • Size: 250gm
$ 11.55

Craft Smart Grout Sealer

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Craft Smart Mosaic Grout Sealer

  • Size: 125ml
  • Applied directly to grout lines with a small brush to assist water penetration and also to reduce the incidence of staining.
  • One or two coats may be applied for best results
  • Water soluble whilst wet
$ 6.93

Craft Smart Mosaic Tile Adhesive

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Craft Smart Mosaic Tile Adhesive

  • Is an Eva, but with much greater thickness to provide excellent adhesion on difficult surfaces.
  • Great bonding once dried
  • High water resistance
  • Dries perfectly clear
  • Suitable for clear glass mosaic work
  • Trowel, spatula, brush or sponge can apply it
  • Low odour and dries clear
  • Equipment cleans up in water
  • Sizes: 60ml, 125ml
$ 6.49

DECOUPAGE GLUE CRAFTSMART 500ml (250ml x 2 bottles)

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250ml bottle x 2 = 500ml

All in one sealer, glue and finish.

Dries clear


$ 16.00

Glass Coat

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Glass Coat

Provides a clear pour on glass like finish to wood, metal, ceramics, tiles and slate floors, terracotta - in fact any porous surface will achieve a stunning afect with the application of Glass Coat

Glass Coat Premium Timber Finish

  • Two part epoxy system
  • High Shine, heat resistant, scratch resistant, hard surface, durable
  • Alternative to Varnish and polyurethane finishes

Glass Coat Timber Sealer

  • Clear, fast drying acrylic primer and sealer
  • Designed to seal raw or stained timber prior to the application of Glass Coat Premium Timber Finish

Glass Coat Epoxy Cleaner

  • Specially formulated to clean up spills, runs, drips and equipment after using Glass Coat Premium Timber or other epoxy coatings.
  • High strength industrial cleaner, fast acting, brush and equipment restorer, surface cleaner



$ 9.46

Glass Coat Epoxy Cleaner
Glass Coat Premium Timber Finish
Glass Coat Timber Sealer

Mosaic Glass Cutter

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Craft Smart Mosaic Glass Cutter

  • Perfect for cutting glass and tiles into small pieces for intricate mosaic work.
  • Requires little wrist strength, making it the ideal tool for mosaic crafts.
  • The tungsten carbide blades and spring are fully replaceable
$ 37.51

Speciality - Clean up Solvent

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Craft Smart Clean Up Solvent - 200 ml

  • Ideal for cleaning up spills and runs that occur when Craft Smart LIQUID GLOSS and GLASS COAT epoxy systems.
  • It will restore brushes and equipment
  • High strength, industrial grade cleaner
  • Supplied with a childproof safety screw cap.
  • Must be used in a well-ventilated area, since its components are flammable
  • Size: 200ml
$ 7.81

Speciality - Fray Stop

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Craft Smart Fray Stop

  • Good for stopping raw fabric edges from fraying.
  • Ideal for use on hems and seams to prevent fraying instead of or in-conjunction with machine over locking.
  • Dries very quickly
  • Remains completely flexible after drying
  • Won't crack
  • Can be machine washed
  • Size: 60ml and 125ml
$ 8.91

Speciality - Liquid Gloss Set

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Craft Smart Liquid Gloss Set

Creates a perfectly clear glass-like finish equal to many coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with a single application.

High shine

Heat resistant

Scratch resistant

Hard surface


Can be used in plastic mould to great effect

$ 21.67