Decofoam Running Reindeer

Decofoam Running Reindeer - 85mm

Was $ 4.65
Now $ 2.00
Plaster Mould Rose Fairy

Plaster Mould Rose Fairy - 2714-314

Was $ 9.50
Now $ 5.00
Tiger Tail asstd

Tiger Tail - 20 metre

Was $ 16.83
Now $ 10.00
Plaster Mould Snowmen - MO271-3058

Plaster Mould Snowmen - 271-3058

Was $ 5.50
Now $ 3.00


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Acrylic Paint

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Duncan Decorator Acrylic Opaque Paints

Size: 59ml

Can be used on almost any craft surface


Was $ 1.98
Now $ 1.00

Duncan Acrylic Paint - Chiffon Green
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Country Blue
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Forest Green
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Golden Beige
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Hunter Green
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Midnight Blue
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Olive Green
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Peaches n Cream
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Pewter
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Shell Pink
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Soft Slate
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Southwest Teal
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Tender Brown
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Terra Cotta Sunset
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Very Perriwinkle
Duncan Acrylic Paint - Wine n Roses

Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint

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Brights Children's Acrylic Paint


Non toxic; Water base

Suitable for use on paper and most children's activities

Was $ 2.97
Now $ 0.50

Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Red
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Brown
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Green
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Lilac
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Magenta
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Orange
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Pink
Brights Childrens Acrylic Paint - Purple

Folk Art Paint

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Folk Art Acrylic Craft Paint

Size: 100ml

Non-Toxic; Water Base

Suitable for use on paper, fabric, plaster, wood and other general craft activities

Was $ 4.40
Now $ 0.60

Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Black
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Dark Blue
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Forest Green
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Purple
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Red
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - White
Folk Art Acrylic Paint - Yellow

Glitter Paint

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Sparkles Children's Glitter Paint

Size: 125ml

Non toxic; Water Base

Decorative paint for most craft activities.

Was $ 3.52
Now $ 0.80

Childrens Glitter Paint - Blue
Childrens Glitter Paint - Gold
Childrens Glitter Paint - Green
Childrens Glitter Paint - Magenta
Childrens Glitter Paint - Opal
Childrens Glitter Paint - Pink
Childrens Glitter Paint - Purple
Childrens Glitter Paint - Red